Senior advisor to ambitious
companies and organizations
Drawing on thirty years’ experience as a senior leader within corporate communications and relations, I advise companies and organizations on how to manage challenges and opportunities related to their communication, reputation and relations. Three aspects of leadership that are intrinsically linked and key to the success of any organization.
Whatever the challenge, whatever the opportunity you are facing, a well thought-through communication and stakeholder engagement strategy is essential. What I offer is experience-based counsel on the do’s and don’ts, the pros and cons of strategic alternatives, and the ability to engage senior management in defining the best course of action.

To learn more about how I might assist you as an advisor, speaker, moderator or workshop facilitator, contact:

Mike Rulis
+45 4030 1860

Areas of expertise

Corporate Branding

In a world where information is a commodity and attention the scarce resource, companies and organizations need to think carefully about how they will stand out in the competition for talent, investment, political support and customer loyalty. It goes without saying that a bold branding strategy is a must.

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Issues management

All companies and organizations of a certain size will from time to time face critical issues that pose a risk to their reputation and business. Could be due to poor performance, poor governance, poor quality, poor communication, business ethics violations… the list is long.

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Crisis communication

Sudden incidents threatening people’s life and health or causing serious damage to the environment are a big worry for many companies and organizations. Serious workplace accidents, kidnappings, fire, workplace violence, accidental chemical release, product tampering …

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Leadership communication

At the core of any successful organization are engaged employees, who are committed to the purpose and mission of the organization and know how they contribute to its success. This requires a long-term internal communication strategy that is closely linked to the organization’s commercial, branding and HR strategies.

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Media strategy

The mainstream media and the social media can make or break an organization’s reputation and consequently its ability to achieve its objectives. Any sizable organization needs to make up its mind about how it will deal with both types of media. For some organizations, a reactive media strategy may be fine, for others, it is not an option.

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Sustainability strategy

Whether public or private, all organizations are responsible for performing their activities in ways that, as a minimum, don’t exploit the world’s human and natural resources and ecosystems. Moreover, they are expected to live both by the word and the spirit of the laws that regulate them and be able to document how they create value for society at large.

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